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World-class contractor

Taking on a challenge such as the expansion of the Suez Canal is not unusual for us. Thanks to our global reach, professionalism and our versatile state-of-the-art fleet we are a contractor that is able to realize complex, large-scale, often multi-disciplinary projects from A to Z. We take on and realize projects based on traditional specifications or modern types of contracts. In particular modern types of contract such as Design & Construct and Design, Build, Finance & Maintain make projects more complex and challenging, and therefore more interesting for you. Working for Boskalis means working on projects that literally create a new horizon. The world is changing and you are contributing to it. In a nutshell, working at Boskalis means building the future!

Your impact

The ability to create land has made Boskalis famous around the world. You will have various roles both close to home and far away to lay the groundwork for residential areas, ports, airports, industry and petro-chemical development. The work you and your colleagues will do is very tangible. For example, landing at an airport that you helped construct would not be inconceivable! And you could also play a role in creating a safe residential and living environment. Coastal defense and riverbank protection using breakwaters, dams, dikes, soft sea defense (beach and foreshore replenishment) and civil engineering solutions is what we specialize in.


Moving sand has traditionally been one of Boskalis’ core activities but these days we do much more. For instance underwater rock fragmentation, environmental activities, mining, tunnel building, dry earthmoving and soil improvement. We even have our own engineering consultancy, Hydronamic. As an engineer you will be able to tackle project studies, design works, and prepare and support projects and development studies.

Ample opportunities

It may sound a bit cliché but the versatility of our dredging activities creates many career opportunities. Not only within the division you work for but definitely also within other divisions such as Offshore Energy. We believe in long-term employment so your first job at Boskalis will definitely not be your last.


Working for the Dredging division

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Maasvlakte 2

The largest Dutch hydraulic engineering project since the delta works.

Suez Canal expansion

The Suez Canal project has pushed back the boundaries in terms of speed, and the deployment of equipment and manpower.

Construction Açu port, Rio de Janeiro

The project included the construction of two huge access channels, a turning basin, an inner channel and mooring berths. The project took four years and was completed in 2015.