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Inland Infra

Realizing complex solutions

As a contractor Boskalis Nederland executes projects based on both conventional and alternative contract forms, including Design & Construct and Design, Build, Finance & Maintain. These more modern contract types make for more complex and challenging projects. You will work with the client and your colleagues to realize multidisciplinary infrastructure projects such as the motorway expansion between Schiphol airport, Amsterdam and Almere (SAAone) or the construction of the A4 motorway linking Delft and Schiedam. These projects include engineering, dry earthmoving, design and construction of the relevant artificial structures, lighting, markings and sewage works. We also build civil engineering structures such as quay walls, bridges, tunnels and container terminals, berths and jetties. As well as large infrastructure projects we also take on projects on a smaller scale, which tend to be located in the Randstad conurbation in the west of the country. Think for example of redesigning a provincial road.

On and offshore

Boskalis Nederland is active offshore as well as onshore. Offshore we specialize in designing and realizing complex coastal defense solutions in the Netherlands. You can play a part in the battle against the sea by constructing breakwaters, dams, dikes, soft seawalls and civil engineering solutions. In addition to projects aimed at coastal defense you can also contribute to the design, construction and maintenance of rivers, dikes and flood protection structures. Activities performed by Boskalis in the Netherlands include widening rivers, creating secondary channels, upgrading dikes, constructing overflow areas and improving the landscape by creating nature areas, as well as developing coastal areas and sea ports. Think for example of reclaiming land for port islands and quay facilities, dredging access channels and building breakwaters, jetties and dams. Working for Boskalis Nederland means a huge diversity of work both on and offshore.

Infrastructure projects with impact

The projects you work on will change the Dutch landscape, improving access to our country, making it safer and creating a better living environment. For each project we put together our own multidisciplinary team of professionals and use state-of-the-art equipment. This combination creates a work environment that enables you and your colleagues to deliver the best possible performance.



The IJsseldelta project is part of the national Room for the River program, which comprises over 30 measures aimed at upgrading the flood defenses in the Dutch river areas. The project involves lowering the summer bed of the Lower IJssel river along a length of 7.5 kilometers near the town of Kampen and creating a bypass to the south of Kampen.

Construction of Marker Wadden

The Marker Wadden project includes the construction of an island with underwater landscaping.

Maasvlakte 2

The largest Dutch hydraulic engineering project since the delta works.