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Crew dredging fleet

The expansion of the Suez Canal or the port terminal construction at Superporto do Açu in Rio de Janeiro are just two examples of dredging projects we are undertaking. Each and every project is interesting for you as a seafarer because it allows you to hone your skills as a chief mate or ship engineer. In view of the complexity of the projects it is crucial that you, as chief mate, are always kept informed of everything happening on the bridge. Together with the team on the bridge you ensure that procedures, such as maneuvering, are followed safely. There is also always plenty to do for ship engineers. Working with a combination of sand and water means that everything in the machine room has to be up to par down to the last detail. In a nutshell, working on a vessel in our dredging fleet is a job with a great deal of responsibility. Are we going to welcome you on board soon?

Crew offshore fleet

Our offshore vessels are used for offshore projects and services. We have a comprehensive fleet of semi-submersible vessels, fallpipe vessels, diving support vessels, tugs, anchor handling tugs, multipurpose vessels and remotely operated vehicles (ROVs). Each ship and project calls for a different approach. That means that you as a seafarer will have to have what it takes. Our vessels are fitted with high-tech equipment for navigation, dynamic positioning and ballast water systems. Together with your co-workers you ensure that the vessel keeps running, a job that carries a great deal of responsibility.


View from the bridge – Suez Canal expansion

On board of a trailing suction hopper dredger.

Crew at the Ndurance

The diesel-electric vessel Ndurance is a multipurpose vessel. This DP-2 vessel can be outfitted for cable-laying or a wide range of other tasks.

Cygnus field development project

The fallpipe vessel Rockpiper executed the subsea rock installation on the Cygnus Field in the United Kingdom section of the North Sea.

Suez Canal expansion

The Suez Canal project has pushed back the boundaries in terms of speed, and the deployment of equipment and manpower.