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There are various parts of our organization that employ engineering colleagues. Two departments that an engineer might end up in are Hydronamic and Offshore Engineering.

Hydronamic: engineering & design

As an engineer you can come and work for Boskalis’ in-house engineering company Hydronamic. Hydronamic is the first port of call for knowledge, design and engineering questions in the areas of hydraulic, geotechnical and environmental engineering. You and your colleagues bridge the gap between theory and practice, but also between people and knowledge. Boskalis is an industry leader and wants to remain so. You are constantly challenged to excel by developing smart innovations. While we have the knowledge necessary for this in-house, innovations are also developed in collaboration with other parties. A good example of this is the Building with Nature program, in which we are a leading player. As an engineer you will work on projects that literally create new horizons. The world is changing and you contribute to this. As an engineer your role has impact, impact that is visible to the outside world. It is not without reason that our employees are acknowledged to be experts.

Offshore engineering

Working for the Offshore Engineering department means making a technical contribution throughout the lifecycle of offshore structures in the energy market – from development to dismantling, and from oil and gas to wind. Wreck salvage is another Boskalis activity in which you as an engineer can play a part. In the role of engineer you will be involved in wide-ranging and above all complex and challenging projects. Challenging because of the weight and dimensions of the equipment and the cargo transported but also because every operation has to be meticulously prepared. Because even a small deviation can have major consequences. As an engineer you work at the heart of the business and play an important part in developing new equipment, preparing tenders, and preparing and supervising the offshore operations. You provide both solicited and unsolicited advice in all these areas. Your work as an engineer is highly tangible. Your ideas are actually made reality. In front of your very eyes.


Discover what DTED has to offer you

DTED stands for Design, Tender, Engineering Department and is the knowledge center of Boskalis, which brings together all the knowledge we need for making tenders as well as for supporting projects in execution.

Ras Laffan port expansion project

The Ras Laffan project is one of the largest maritime engineering projects in the world. Its sheer size can best be viewed from space. Over a period of three years, more than 3,000 specialists have been working together to create the largest LNG harbor in the world.

Heera HRD topside transport & float-over

Load-out, transport and float-over installation of the HEERA HRD gas platform. The Dockwise vessel Fjell transported the topside of the Heera HRD gas platform from Vietnam to India.

3D printed reefs

Six artificial reef modules are due to be installed by Boskalis at the Larvotto underwater reserve in Monaco in 2016. The reefs consist of sand, were made using a 3D printer and will be used to improve the ecology and the quality of the seawater at the reserve. The idea for the pilot project was developed by the colleagues of Hydronamic. In 2014 their idea won the Boskalis Innovation Challenge.