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Complex environmental projects

Boskalis Environmental is involved in complex national and international environmental projects for Boskalis or other Dutch or global clients. As a Dutch operating company, Boskalis Environmental specializes in processing and handling mineral wastes, and in soil and waterbed remediation. We use techniques we have developed ourselves, and equipment we have designed and built in-house. Soil washing is the main activity in the Netherlands, where more than 500,000 tons of contaminated material are washed annually.

Boskalis Environmental also engages in high-profile soil remediation operations, both in the Netherlands and globally. In the Netherlands, Boskalis Environmental manages the coordination of secondary materials in projects of Boskalis Nederland. As back-up for its activities Boskalis Environmental has its own management support office, research department and laboratory.

Given the international nature of the work a willingness to travel abroad is a prerequisite for many jobs.


Enhanced soil washing

Boskalis Environmental is a leader in the large-scale washing of soil and mineral waste materials (from sewers, drains, pumping stations and street sweeping waste; incinerator bottom ash. Boskalis Environmental is equipped with mobile soil washing plants, but in the Netherlands are also five permanent soil-washing sites, for example in Schiedam.


Boskalis Environmental has its own dedicated laboratory that undertakes research activities such as sampling, geotechnical and environmental surveys and physical analysis. The Boskalis Environmental laboratory is located in Papendrecht.

Lelydorp co mining, Suriname

At the Lelydorp Mining Project in Suriname, Boskalis provided its client Suralco with a complete mining package to extract 3.8 million tons of bauxite. The scope of work included the removal of overburden material, the excavation of the bauxite and the hauling and delivery to a nearby refinery.