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Having a job in finance at Boskalis means having a job with responsibility and impact. Your job in finance could be at a divisional or corporate level, depending on your background and personal preference.

Finance in a division

Boskalis has consisted of three divisions since 1 January 2015: Dredging & Inland Infra, Offshore Energy and Towage & Salvage. The introduction of this divisional structure enables us to further strengthen our focus on clients and projects. Each division has its own operational support functions as well as its own fleet. That means that each division has its own financial organization. Working as a finance professional in the division means working at the heart of Boskalis’ operational and commercial activities. In short, you work where the activities are carried out!

Creating financial reports for the division, improving and where necessary redesigning the financial processes to make them smarter and more efficient is an important area of attention. And on projects there is also a responsibility for tax and contractual, treasury and insurance matters. A quite common position in the divisions is that of project controller.

Finance at corporate level

All the financial matters of the entire company come together at corporate level. That means that you will be working in the financial epicenter of Boskalis. Business process analysts not only draw up financial reports such as the annual report but they also analyze financial management matters. Processes are outlined and made smarter and more efficient where possible. This is quite a task if you consider that we collect financial data from all corners of the organization. Located at our head office in Papendrecht, the Financial Shared Service Center is also part of finance at corporate level. The responsibilities of your co-workers at the Financial Shared Service Center include taking care of the accounts payable for the divisions and the payroll administration.