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Operations dredging

The operational pool for our international dredging activities employs project managers, works managers, superintendents and project engineers. The precise composition of a project team will depend on the size and complexity of a project. A project team for a project such as the expansion of the Suez Canal, which involved us and our partners moving around 1.4 million cubic meters of sand a day, will look very different than a project team for a project such as the construction of ‘La Pinta’, the second artificial island off the coast of the Punta Pacifica residential district of Panama City. Given the international nature of our activities you will spend a lot of time abroad, although there will also be cases whereby you prepare projects from our office in Papendrecht.

Operations offshore energy

As part of the operational pool for offshore energy there are various roles you can fulfill, from marine superintendent to project engineer or operations supervisor. Regardless of your position you will on the one hand be widely deployable across the activities of our Offshore Energy division while on the other you will also be able to develop yourself as a specialist. Our activities within the Offshore Energy division are focused on transport, installation, subsea inspection, repair & maintenance, decommissioning and offshore support services. Boskalis sets itself apart by combining various activities within a single project and it is precisely this breadth of service we provide that makes the work for you as an offshore professional interesting. The construction of the Veja Mate offshore wind farm, the transportation of the Armada Intrepid FPSO (Floating Production, Storage and Offloading unit) and the dismantling of 20 oil and gas rigs in the North Sea are just a few examples of engaging Boskalis projects. As a member of the operational pool you may be required to be abroad for longer spells, although it can also happen that you work out of our office in Papendrecht for a few months, in order to prepare a project down to the finest details. Such a period will be followed by a shorter period at the project site. Which could be anywhere in the world!

Operations inland infra

The inland infra activities are carried out by Boskalis Nederland. Over 800 staff are employed via the operational pool on projects in the Netherlands at the tender and realization stage. They include project controllers, contract managers and designers, but also operators, engineers and excavation workers. The composition of a project team will depend on the type, size and complexity of a project. We always aim for optimum staffing of our operational pool; this is in the best interests of both our staff and our clients. The variety of projects means that we can offer you a range of career possibilities.


Gigantic Dolwin2 Installed

The DolWin2 project encompasses a huge range of tasks: transportation, rock placement, towage, survey services, anchoring, installation and ballasting.
Boskalis transported and installed DolWin Beta, the world’s largest High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) converter platform, in the German Bight of the North Sea.

Construction of Marker Wadden

The Marker Wadden project includes the construction of an island with underwater landscaping.

Maasvlakte 2

The largest Dutch hydraulic engineering project since the delta works.