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Research & Development

Innovative Research & Development ideas

Whether it be dredging hard material with trailing suction hopper dredger, new offshore installation concepts or developing new salvage techniques, the development of innovative ideas all start at Boskalis’ R&D department. Innovation is crucial to retaining our position as a leading maritime services provider. Together with your co-workers at the R&D department you will work for every division, providing solutions to wide-ranging problems. The solutions are both applicable short-term solutions and groundbreaking long-term innovations. You will also work in multidisciplinary teams contribute ideas for the construction and rebuilding of material. In a nutshell, at the R&D department you will be standing on the eve of striking innovations that will make a difference for our clients and of course also for Boskalis.

Boskalis Innovation Challenge

Our R&D department actively involves the organization in the development of innovations and solutions. After all, our staff base of around 8,200 is guaranteed to have a lot of good ideas! The Boskalis Innovation Challenge encourages employees to pitch their ideas. The feasibility of the ideas is tested and successful ideas are then taken into use. A good example of an idea in the development stage is the use of airbags during the process of loading an FPSO (Floating Production, Storage and Offloading unit) onto the Vanguard. Using airbags reduces the vertical impact during the loading process. Boskalis World is another telling example of an idea that was put into practice thanks to the Boskalis Innovation Challenge. Boskalis World is a rapidly growing platform for global information on geology, workability, ecology and much more.


Channel deepening project port of Melbourne

The port of Melbourne is vital to the Australian economy. The Australian government approved a project aimed at making the port more accessible to container ships with a draft of up to 14 meters.


The innovative E-crane Blockbuster was specially designed by PUMA for the sea defense of the Maasvlakte 2 port expansion. It’s unique construction enables it to lift 50 ton blocks and accurately place them 60 meters away.

The Mooring Actuator

Innovative ideas at the heart of Boskalis. The Mooring Actuator makes manual mooring with lines obsolete. The Mooring Actuator maneuvers a barge alongside a backhoe without a hitch and provides stability during the loading operation.