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Underwater work

Our subsea activities are focused on carrying out underwater work including construction work, inspection, repairs and maintenance for oil and LNG import/export facilities, offshore rigs, pipelines, cables and offshore wind farms. The work is performed using air diving and saturation diving as well as remotely operated vehicles (ROVs). ROVs are robots that are able to carry out a wide array of underwater tasks, often in places or at depths that are difficult or impossible for divers to reach. Smaller ROVs are also used for diver support.

Remotely operated vehicles

Our ROV pilot technicians are responsible for operating the ROVs. In addition to inspecting subsea installations and infrastructures they also perform mechanical tasks, such as picking up and moving objects or exposing them with the aid of a small dredging pump. The ROV pilot technicians operate the ROV from the surface and visually record the data. As well as operating the ROVs, which are equipped with state-of-the-art electronics, sensors and technical instruments, ROV pilot technicians are responsible for maintenance and for locating and solving malfunctions in the system. As an ROV pilot technician the world is your workplace and your job is an adventure.


Dan Bravo Rationalisation (DABRAT)

Boskalis Offshore was awarded a contract by Maersk for the DABRAT project, involving both the preparation and construction work to the Dan A and Dan B offshore oil production facilities. The works covered the years 2013 and 2014.