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Internship & graduation

Most internships and graduation projects at Boskalis are of a technical or nautical nature. It happens only occasionally that a corporate staff department is looking for an intern or graduate trainee.

In principle you can start a graduation project at any time of the year. Internships normally start in September or February.

An internship does not involve a specific assignment linked to your course, but instead you work as part of a team in a department or on a project in the Netherlands or abroad. It is also possible to combine an internship in a department with a project. If you choose to do your graduation project at Boskalis, you will be given a research assignment. You are responsible for initiating a research topic and the final assignment will be decided in consultation with your mentor at Boskalis and your course supervisor.

No, you will not accrue holiday entitlement. Time off can be arranged in consultation with your mentor.

If you have a student travel pass you will not receive a travel allowance to cover your commuting costs. If you do not hold a student travel pass you will be paid a commuting allowance.

Yes, Boskalis will pay you while you are doing an internship or graduation project.

Application is easy. All you need to do to apply for an internship or graduation project is complete the online application form and send it to us along with your CV. You will improve your chances of getting an internship or graduation project by stating why you would like to work for Boskalis and what you hope to learn during your internship or graduation period.

The list of available internships and graduation projects will be ready some time in the spring (May) and the fall (November) and we will be able to let you know about the possibilities. This means that how long it will take for you to get a response will depend on when you submit your application and when you want your internship or graduation project to start.

Various courses increasingly require graduation projects to be undertaken as duo projects. This might also be a possibility at Boskalis. It goes without saying that you can also undertake a solo graduation project at our organization.

In principle we don’t offer standard internships or graduation projects. Based on your educational background and motivation we look at whether there is a suitable internship or graduation project available.

That depends on the internship or graduation project and the requirements of your course. On average an internship or graduation project for higher vocational education students will last six months and an internship or graduation project for a university students three to six months.

That is definitely a possibility at Boskalis. Unfortunately we are unable to offer everyone an internship abroad. A willingness to consider a position in the Netherlands will improve your chances of getting an internship with our company. Graduation always takes place in the Netherlands regardless.

A mentor will be appointed for you for the duration of your internship or graduation project. This mentor will be employed by the department where you will be working and will ensure that you have everything you need to carry out your internship or graduation project. It goes without saying that you yourself are responsible for the successful completion of your internship or graduation project.

No, graduates are not eligible for an internship with Boskalis. To be considered for an internship you must be a registered student.

After graduation you can opt for a regular entry-level job with our organization. Many entry-level employees start their career with Boskalis via a traineeship. Traineeships start each year in September with the selection days taking place during the spring season. Click here for further information about the traineeship program. Create a job alert if you want to stay informed of our regular entry-level jobs.

You only get one chance to make a first impression and so we advise you to dress smartly for your interview.

Of course we will give you time and space to take part in school activities. This is not feasible for internships abroad, however.

Internships and graduation projects are only available to students who speak Dutch.

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