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Independent teamwork: Practically oriented

Since graduating from the Rotterdam Mainport Institute with a BSc, Mees Dekkers (25) acquired his initial work experience with Boskalis as a Junior Project Engineer on the recovery of decommissioned oil platforms in the North Sea in 2019. “The subsequent offer of a traineeship in Offshore Energy came as a nice opportunity to broaden my experience,” says Mees.


His first trainee assignment began in October 2020, on the preparatory phase of a T&I wind project in Taiwan. “My main task was to set up a log of all the project equipment required to install the wind turbine foundations,” Mees explains. The task involved preparing and outfitting the vessel which was to take equipment from the Netherlands and Singapore to the windfarm site in Taiwan. “I was offered absolute independence on how to approach the set-up of the log,” says Mees. “I could get all the information and advice I needed from contacts in Operations and Procurement on what equipment was needed, and how the log should be used.”

Dynamic growth

Mees found his previous time on decommissioning projects very useful, since he could also draw on his network of contacts for information. “I’ve learned a lot about the importance of communication, working with sub-contractors, and finding out what I need to understand about different aspects of the project in order to complete my part of it.” Mees confirmed that he particularly enjoys the practical side of projects. “After the equipment left the warehouse in Vlaardingen at the end of January, it all had to be loaded onto the Bokalift 1 (Currently Boskalis’ biggest crane vessel). I was on board for a week to help with coordination.”

The subsequent offer of a traineeship in Offshore Energy came as a nice opportunity to broaden my experience.

For the future, Mees doesn’t know where his next assignment will take him. “Salvage seems like a very dynamic field,” he comments. He appreciates the Boskalis orientation of doing things in a safe and environmentally responsible way. And he is interested in opportunities that allow him to make his mark in projects that contribute to cleaner ways of generating renewable energy. “My role in a big project may be relatively small, but I want to keep that mindset of responsibility in the way I approach my part of it.”

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