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Fleet Management at Boskalis

Fleet management dredging

The trailing suction hopper dredger Prins der Nederlanden, cutter suction dredger Taurus II and backhoe Nordic Giant are just a few examples of the vessels we use on our dredging projects. Fleet management is responsible for seeing to it that the ships are always in good condition and for renting out the vessels internally. Vessel maintenance takes place anywhere in the world between projects. Logically we want to keep a ship in the dockyard for as little time as possible. This calls for strict planning and sound preparation. The fleet management team together with the maintenance cell and technical superintendent see to it that every aspect of the maintenance job is carefully prepared and carried out. Depending on your position you will work in Papendrecht or on a location abroad. On average the fleet management team carries out two to three large repair projects a year. You will carry out repairs and actively contribute to modifications and innovations. A good example of a recent innovation is the mooring actuator.


Fleet management offshore energy

Boskalis is also the place for you if you have a clear preference for offshore vessels. Our impressive offshore fleet includes semi-submersible vessels, fallpipe vessels, diving support vessels, tugs, anchor handling tugs, multipurpose vessels and remotely operated vehicles (ROVs). Our diverse range of ships is rare, making your job unique.

As is the case in dredging, the vessels belonging to the offshore fleet fall under different fleet management teams. Together with the business unit the fleet management team (consisting of a fleet manager, plant maintenance engineer and technical superintendent) gauge the maintenance requirements. Thanks to the intensive cooperation between the business unit and fleet management we are able to achieve the unthinkable. Not only with respect to the speed at which the maintenance is carried out but also with regard to modifications and innovations.

We can imagine that you may have a preference for either the dredging fleet or the offshore fleet. Please note that you can always switch, regardless of your initial preference.

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