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At Boskalis you yourself are responsible for making your graduation project a success. This means that we also expect you to take the initiative for suggesting a graduation topic. Together we will look at whether the topic is suitable. While it is not a given, in practice it turns out that a graduation project is often a great start to a career with Boskalis.

Internationally oriented graduation projects

Boskalis offers a wide range of graduation opportunities for technical students for example in one of the following subjects: hydraulic engineering, geo-engineering, offshore engineering and structural engineering. Graduation always takes place in the Netherlands. However, which is not to say that your graduation period can’t have an international flavor. As a graduation candidate you may well be heavily involved with the international projects, but you will be based in Papendrecht.

Infrastructure graduation projects

If your interest is more inclined towards the infrastructure projects we execute in the Netherlands we also have ample graduation opportunities for civil engineering students at higher vocational education or university level with a specialism in structural engineering, geo-engineering, building engineering or construction management & engineering. Occasionally we also have graduation opportunities in the area of construction law, procurement law and (industrial) engineering.


Please contact Yvette van Leijsen, Campus Recruiter, on +31 (0)78 696 8570.


  • Step 1: Application
  • Step 2: Evaluation of CV
  • Step 3: Feedback
  • Step 4: Job interviews
  • Step 5: Welcome to Boskalis


All you need to do to apply is complete the online application form and send it to us along with your CV and cover letter. As soon as you have sent your application you will receive an email to confirm receipt. If you do not receive a confirmation of receipt please check your junk folder. It is not possible to apply via email, the contact form or regular mail.

Evaluation of CV

Based on your CV and cover letter we look for a possible match between you and Boskalis. You will improve your chances of getting an graduation project by stating why you would like to work for Boskalis and what you hope to learn during your graduation project.


The list of available graduation projects will be ready some time in the spring (May) and the fall (November) and we will be able to let you know about the possibilities. This means that how long it will take for you to get a response will depend on when you submit your application and when you want your graduation project to start.

Job interviews

Depending on the graduation project we will invite you for one or more interviews. You only get one chance to make a first impression and so we advise you to dress smartly for your interview, but it isn't necessary to wear a suit.

Welcome to Boskalis

After successfully completing step 1 to 4 we warmly welcome you to our organization. Now the real work can begin!

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