Traineeship International

Depending on your educational background you will start your Boskalis International Traineeship on projects of the Dredging, Offshore Energy or Fleet Management divisions.


For Dredging we are looking for Trainees with an appetite for travel and a background in Civil Engineering. You will spend most of your time during the Traineeship at a project location overseas and as a contractor you will literally have your feet in the clay – or some other type of soil, obviously. Because it is important to us that you get to know the office organization as well, you will also be involved in preparing a project out of our head office in Papendrecht. This will allow you to build up a good impression of the Boskalis organization over the 18-month program. Good to know: when you are working on a project you work according to a rota of six weeks on, four weeks off.

Please check the vacancy for our international Traineeship.

Offshore Energy

Do you want to become an offshore expert? Then the Offshore Energy Traineeship is the ideal start to your career. An Offshore Energy project involves a tender stage, an engineering stage and an execution stage. In the course of the Traineeship we aim to introduce you to all these stages, allowing you to build up a good impression of the Boskalis organization over the 18-month program. While a large part of your Traineeship will be spent working out of our head office in Papendrecht, you may also be required to spend frequent short spells abroad or perhaps a longer consecutive period. So you must have an appetite for travel!

Please check the vacancy for our international Traineeship.

Fleet Management

Are you keen to get to work on vessels such as the suction hopper dredger the Willem van Oranje with gross tonnage of 13,917 and 12 megawatts of propulsion power? Then Fleet Management is a great start to your career. During the 18-month Traineeship you will be involved in the preparation of large and small repairs but will also carry out actual repairs and assist with vessel modifications. Exactly what your time as a Trainee will look like will depend on what repairs need carrying out. But we can promise you one thing: the equipment you will be working on is impressive and powerful!

Please check the vacancy for the Fleet Management track of our international Traineeship.

Your development

As a Trainee you are the talent of the future and yes, we expect a lot of you. But we also give you quite a lot in return. For example you can count on:

  • An extensive training program aimed at both your professional and personal development. It includes courses on time management, presentation skills and teamwork as well as safety training and job-specific and skills-based training.
  • Every six months a new, challenging work environment on an overseas project.
  • Coaching by experienced professionals and a personal mentor.
  • Serious responsibility. It might sound like a cliché, but from day one Boskalis really gives you the space to take responsibility.

Start Traineeship

The Traineeship starts in September 2018, but the #Boskalisexperience selection-event is planned on 25 May 2018. So block this date in your agenda and apply before 1 May.


  • Step 1: Assessment of CV and motivation letter
  • Step 2: Online test
  • Step 3: Selection event on 25 May
  • Step 4: Welcome to Boskalis

Assessment of CV and motivation letter

We assess your letter and CV to see whether there is a match between you and Boskalis.

Online test

We see a sufficient connection and invite you to take an online test in preparation for the selection event.

Selection event on 25 May

You have already convinced us and we are pleased to welcome you to the selection event.

Welcome to Boskalis

On 28 May you will hear whether you have been admitted to the traineeship program. The program starts in September 2018.

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