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Alexander den Hartog
Senior enterprise architect

Alexander den Hartog has been working for the Boskalis IT organization since 2007. With the various takeovers of recent years Boskalis has been in a state of great flux. It is one reason why Alexander as an IT professional has been in the vanguard of many changes. As he himself says, that’s what makes his job fascinating.

“As a native of Papendrecht I have always said that I wanted to work for Boskalis one day. It’s a great company with a rich history in the dredging sector and after the various takeovers it has truly become a world-class maritime service provider. In 2007 the time was right: following an open application I joined Boskalis as a systems architect in the IT department. I was mainly involved with innovative programs, such as using portals to work together, which was very advanced at the time. Until 2010 I also worked a lot on creating a solid foundation for things like linking various business applications in order to support our business processes. There’s a lot of information available at a company like Boskalis and one of my tasks was to unlock this information in management reports. With the takeover of SMIT in 2010 and MNO Vervat in 2011 I was mainly involved in integrating the IT infrastructure. In my role I’m in the vanguard of changes and that’s what makes my job fascinating.


In my work I’m in the vanguard of changes.

As a result of the various takeovers the organization has been through many changes in recent years and naturally that has had an impact on the IT organization. We have since been through a transition of the IT organization and as a result we are now organized based on a change and service side supported by a CIO Office. Business IT alignment is key to the services we provide. That means that not only does the IT have to meet the organization’s needs, but the business must also think in terms of the possibilities provided by information technology. Our ultimate goal is to bring IT and the business even closer together.

Within the Boskalis IT organization we are looking for enterprising (young) IT professionals with a fresh eye. As an IT organization we lead the field to a great extent when it comes to technological developments and that provides perspective. If you spot a chance you often get the opportunity to take it to the next level. The IT organization is not only about making the most of things we do well but certainly also about exploring new IT.

Although I’ve been working for Boskalis for some time now, I still feel hugely proud every time I turn onto Rosmolenweg. I literally go to work whistling and go home whistling even louder. For me that is definite proof that both the job and Boskalis as a company are just right for me.”

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