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Jim Plug

In 2013 Jim Plug was one of 10 participants in the Boskalis Offshore Professional Program, which is specially geared towards current and future employees who already have work experience. Taking part in the program means getting a lot of experience, doing varied work and participating in major, cutting-edge projects from day one.

“The participants in the Boskalis Offshore Professional Program were from very varied backgrounds. I myself studied at the maritime academy and worked as an officer aboard cruise ships. Someone else was a qualified civil engineer and had worked in tunnel construction. Everyone had three to five years’ work experience. We spent 10 months working at the Offshore Energy division at Boskalis.

In the course of the program I worked in the port of Durban in South Africa, where a ship was moored that needed fitting with important parts for the installation of an FPSO (Floating Production, Storage and Offloading unit) in Brazil. I was responsible for ensuring that all the equipment was delivered correctly and on time, which involved organizing transportation and checking that all parts were in order and the licenses were correct. That is highly responsible and very varied work. No two days were the same.


Experiencing what the work involves.

Every two months I spent two weeks attending training courses along with all the other participants in the Boskalis Offshore Professional Program. We were introduced to the broad range of activities performed by Boskalis. For example we learned about offshore activities such as installing jackets for wind energy projects or constructing landfalls for gas pipelines. We were also given courses on personal development, which were very instructive. Thanks to our different backgrounds we were really able to help each other out. Because of my experience at sea the other participants asked me a lot of nautical-related questions. And then I would ask them questions about strength calculations.

If you want to work in the offshore sector in a dynamic environment, see a lot of the world and like plenty of variation, then this program is for you.”

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