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Joost Rijnsdorp
Manager Procurement

Joost Rijnsdorp has worked for Boskalis since 2001. Joost has been the manager of the central procurement department since 2003, and more recently also of the logistics and facilities departments. In addition he is one of the driving forces behind the Boskalis Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy.

“These days procurement is really no longer just about ordering goods – it has become an integral part of the business processes. We place great emphasis on risk mitigation, integrated cost control and optimum support of the operational business processes. Boskalis has four distinctive procurement categories: procurement of regular commodities (such as spare parts, consumables); generic project-related procurement (such as fuel and accommodation); project-specific procurement (often one-off, unique purchases for a project); and subcontracting. Each category requires its own approach. The work at the central procurement department is best summed up by the phrase never a dull moment. Changes ensure our work is always challenging, which is one of the reasons why staff turnover is low. The developments at Boskalis give everyone the chance to be the architect of their own career.


What’s good today can be even better tomorrow.

In the interests of CSR in 2010 we took the first step towards sustainable procurement. Together with 16 of our strategic suppliers, including Shell, ExxonMobil, Trelleborg and KLM, we started looking at ways we could work together to put the concept of CSR into practice. This gave rise to various chain initiatives, for example the recycling of high-grade metals, the sustainable dismantling of floating dredging pipes, and the testing of GoodFuels Marine’s biofuel and Shell’s GTL product. The sessions in 2012 also provided input for the supplier code of conduct. Since then we have paid actual visits to 70 suppliers (both nationally and internationally) to ascertain that they really do operate in accordance with our guidelines. Boskalis calls this the ‘code of conduct implementation scan’. The suppliers appreciate the initiative because they too realize that CSR is becoming increasingly commonplace. In 2013 we also signed the NEVI Manifesto for Sustainable Procurement and Corporate Responsibility, as well as organizing a CSR training course for our own procurement staff.

Winning the Dutch Sourcing Awards 2014 (prizes awarded annually to procurement professionals in the Netherlands) is the best recognition for my team’s activities in the area of CSR. Boskalis is increasingly successful in finding the balance between creating economic added value and conducting socially responsible business. From the design phase onwards we think about the CSR implications. We think about shipping routes, boost local economies on our foreign projects, and embed the Boskalis CSR policy in the chain. Together with the NGO the North Sea Foundation we have developed a program to make our crews aware of the consequences of seawater pollution. Our ships are dismantled sustainably by certified demolition yards. I am proud that we are taking these initiatives and that CSR is no longer just a standalone thing at Boskalis, but rather an inextricable aspect of our organization.”

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