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Pieter Kuzee
SHE-Q manager

Pieter Kuzee works as a SHE-Q manager at SMIT Salvage. SHE-Q stands for Safety, Health, Environment & Quality. The staff of SMIT Salvage is available 365 days a year to assist ships in distress. Pieter’s work is focused on managing the risk profile of salvage activities.

“International, adventurous and connecting are three important aspects of my current SHE-Q role within SMIT Salvage. For the first six years I worked in the international SHE-Q pool. This pool contains SHE-Q engineers and SHE-Q managers who are mainly put to work on our projects abroad to ensure the safety there. I have worked on an array of projects ranging from Khalifa Port in Abu Dhabi (one of the largest port development projects in the world) to an integrated mining project in Lelydorp in Suriname. At the end of 2012 I swapped the international SHE-Q pool for the role of SHE-Q manager within SMIT Salvage. The projects at SMIT Salvage are exciting and challenging. After all, the forces of the sea are unpredictable so you never know where and when a ship can get into trouble and just how a salvage or wreck removal operation will go.


The projects of SMIT Salvage are exciting and challenging.

In my role as SHE-Q manager my focus is on people. I want to ensure that everyone involved is able to do their job well in an environment that is both safe and as comfortable as possible. That means that I talk to people a lot, for example during project visits to the salvaging of the Perro Negro jack-up platform in Angola or salvaging the Baltic Ace car carrier in the North Sea. Based on visits like these I draw up a report that I then discuss with the SMIT Salvage Management Team. The resulting action items are divided among the various people responsible. As a SHE-Q manager I am in fact a kind of connector between a project team and SMIT Salvage’s Management Team. Everything I do is focused on managing the risk profile of the salvage operations. It comes as no surprise that the risk profile is sometimes higher during emergency response projects but we always see to it that the risk profile is as low as possible. It goes without saying that we want everyone to come home safe.

Working with people gives me, personally, a lot of energy. As SHE-Q manager I play a supporting, facilitating and coaching role and I really like that. I help others be successful within SMIT Salvage, both in the short term and the long term. The international aspect of my work is a must. Even though I no longer work for the international SHE-Q pool I’m lucky enough to go abroad regularly. I visit our offices in Houston, Cape Town and Singapore, and naturally I also go to SMIT Salvage projects abroad on a regular basis. After a month at our office in Papendrecht I start to get the urge to travel again!”

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