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Stefan de Jong
Tender Manager

Stefan de Jong has worked for Boskalis Nederland as a tender manager / contract manager since 2012. A challenging role in a rapidly changing environment.

“As a tender manager I am responsible for the entire tender process. When the tender documents come in I make a thorough initial evaluation for the Boskalis Nederland board as to whether or not a tender is consistent with our strategic objectives. I also prepare a tender plan with a suggested strategy and approach. In the role of contract manager I see to it that all our contractual obligations are appropriately met. My responsibilities on the Lange Haven project in Schiedam (Best Value Contract) included drawing up the basic agreement in cooperation with the legal department.

For me, the most fascinating aspect of my job is working with a team to gain a real understanding of a project. Thanks to the expertise at Boskalis Nederland my colleagues and I can really set ourselves apart from other providers. Making that difference starts with getting a feel for the client and the project objectives. We help the client to manage the risks without taking them on ourselves. A tender period can often be intensive, if relatively short. When a team gets into the flow and you get that feeling that you simply can’t lose, that’s a tremendous kick! I also continue to enjoy what is essentially ‘building’ a project. After all, we realize wonderful projects, many of which are characteristic to their environment. I love working with a team to achieve that.

Not only do I find my work as a tender manager / contract manager absolutely fascinating, the corporate culture at Boskalis Nederland is also just right for me. There’s no place for arrogance here and we stick to the motto ‘Just do your thing’. I notice the same thing when I talk to external parties. They say they like doing business with us and find us daring and innovative. We have an instinct for new ideas and actually do something with them. We also take a professional approach, for example investigating whether ideas are realistic and feasible before taking them any further.


We have feelers for new ideas here.

Boskalis Nederland deploys people according to their strengths. For me this is an important aspect of what is good about working for Boskalis Nederland. Each individual is assessed for where their strength and/or passion lies. The Insights Discovery program is aimed at promoting cooperation within project teams. It is good for members of a team to know what makes everyone tick. Mutual respect and understanding lead to far better team performance.

Over the past few years I have been involved in tenders as well as projects in the pre-execution and execution stages. My extensive experience makes me versatile to deploy. I find it interesting to fulfill various roles and Boskalis Nederland gives me the space to do so, thereby taking into consideration not only the project requirements but also my learning objectives and variation in the role I am fulfilling. Most of my work involves the specialism concrete, which is where my background expertise lies. The fact that Boskalis Nederland focuses on intertwining specialisms and segments gives employees the opportunity to broaden their horizons. To me this definitely constitutes added value.

If I have to name one thing that I’m proud of it is the ability to turn tough challenges into success. In particular going through the clarification period of a Best Value Contract is a relatively new thing. On the Lange Haven project in Schiedam I worked alongside the project leader to structure this and then we got down to work with the team. Thanks to LEAN planning we achieved rapid results. Another example of a project I am proud of is the completion of the ongoing Aquaduct RW31 project in Leeuwarden in the northern Dutch province of Friesland. This project has been underway since 2013 and has had its fair share of setbacks. I really enjoy stepping in and being able to steer delivery in the right direction, to the ultimate satisfaction of all parties. Acceptance and delivery of the project is now imminent.

I am very happy and proud to work for Boskalis Nederland. What I would say to new joiners is take the first three months to get to know your new colleagues and gain an understanding of the organization.”

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