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Boskalis is active both in the Netherlands and far beyond. The majority of our colleagues work on one of the international projects. Not all jobs involve working abroad but that doesn’t mean that your job isn’t international in nature – often quite the opposite. The international projects in various fields are supported out of the head office in Papendrecht. Simply put, Papendrecht is the epicenter for the activities we perform all over the world. Working at Boskalis means working in an international playing field.

If you are deployed on one of the projects your work may be national or international.


Boskalis operates globally, providing services to clients in 75 countries across six continents, meaning there is a very good chance that you will be working on one of our international projects. Depending on your job and the project you are assigned to, you will spend a longer or shorter period abroad. Boskalis has various leave schedules. Which schedule applies to you will depend on your home situation and the fleet or project you’re working on. Further information will be provided during the selection procedure.


Even if you don’t aspire to an international career we have many career opportunities to offer you. In the Netherlands we work both on and offshore and are active in the construction and maintenance of ports, land reclamation, coastal defense and riverbank protection, as well as complex infrastructural works. Activities in the Netherlands are carried out by Boskalis Nederland.