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Working at Dredging

Dredging is one of our traditional core activities. Boskalis is well known for projects like the expansion of the island of Pulau Tekong in Singapore, the execution of the Manila International Airport and the extension of the Maasvlakte at the Port of Rotterdam. Combining our state-of-the-art fleet, equipment and incredible manpower.

Creating new horizons 

Working at Boskalis means building the future and creating new horizons. Large-scale and complex international projects - like the construction of the DUQM port in Oman - are what we excel in. As a contractor, we’re able to tackle multidisciplinary projects from A to Z. Especially the modern contract types we take on, such as Design & Construct, Build, Finance & Maintain make projects more complex and challenging, and therefore more interesting for you. 

Make your mark 

While being part of the Boskalis team, you won’t just be challenging yourself, but actually get the chance to contribute to a changing world. Both close to home and far away, you will be creating the foundations for residential areas, (air)ports and industrial development. The work you and your colleagues will do is very tangible. Chances are, you’ll be working on land reclamation and protecting delta regions. Safety and a natural balance are the most important aspects of good coastal protection. Our vast experience and expertise enable us to assist you with the economic and environmental assessment of your coastal protection project. We have a proven track record and the drive to maintain a well-balanced ecosystem. And you can also contribute to a safe residential and living environment. Boskalis specializes in coastal defense and riverbank protection using breakwaters, dams, dikes, soft sea defense and civil engineering solutions. 

Endless opportunities 

We believe in long-term employment and give our employees space to switch between our many divisions. Our dredging activities open up many career opportunities. As moving sand has been one of our traditional core activities, but creating new land means so much more than just that. Think about underwater rock fragmentation, environmental activities, mining, tunnel building, dry earthmoving and soil improvement. We have our own engineering department, Hydronamic. As a (civil) engineer, you’ll be able to tackle project studies, design works and prepare and support projects and development studies. So your first job at Boskalis will definitely not be your last.

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