You’re looking for a graduation project, as you’ve reached the final stage of your mechanical/electrical engineering, civil engineering, naval architecture, maritime engineering, finance, or industrial engineering education or the like. Exciting, but above all, a great opportunity to put your gained knowledge into practice. Your ideal graduation project allows you to make the most of your strengths and gives you the opportunity to learn from top notch colleagues. We can offer you that graduation project. Of course with the best guidance and all the independence you need.

Graduate internship at Boskalis

Talented employees are crucial in our knowledge intensive industry. Our internships are a way for students to get to know our business and kickstart their career. Most internships are technical, nautical or in the field of finance & control and directly linked to Boskalis’ core business. We have both practical and graduate internships available.

Study tracks we are often looking for: 

Not so technical?

Are you studying for a degree in a different direction? Occasionally, internships are offered in different disciplines, related to IT, Sales, HR or Procurement & Logistics for example.

Willemijn Mes

Willemijn Mes did a master in Offshore Engineering and chose Boskalis as the place to do her graduation thesis. Watch the video to learn more about her research and experiments. 

Thijs Bron
Thijs did his graduation thesis within Boskalis Offshore Energy and always felt part of the team. Watch his video to learn about his experience.

Research and development at Boskalis

Research and development is essential for Boskalis. We are always investing in the development of new methods and cutting-edge technology to increase the efficiency, effectiveness and environmental sustainability of our Dredging, Offshore Energy and Salvage activities. We have a dedicated dredging and marine research team and in-house test facilities. Besides, we work together with peer group companies, universities and knowledge institutes, who are also involved in various doctoral research- and graduation projects. Subsequently, we always have graduate assignments available within Boskalis. Assignments which are either suitable for University of Applied Sciences (hbo) students or for Academic students (wo). While it’s not a given, graduation projects often turn out to be a great kickstart to a career at Boskalis.

Make your mark at Boskalis

At Boskalis, it’s up to you to make a success of your graduation project. We challenge you to make your mark in finding innovative and relevant solutions for complex infrastructural and marine projects. A graduate assignment could either be experimental, theoretical or a combination of both. Make sure to indicate your preference and explain your choice in your motivation letter. Should you already tend towards a certain area of expertise or research direction, make sure to include this as well. We aim at making the best match between an assignment and you as a student, looking at your educational background, research interest and learning goals. The more specific you are in your motivation, the better we can find you a suitable graduate assignment.

Although we usually have a variety of subjects readily available for new or continued research, you are more than welcome to come up with your own ideas.

Internationally oriented graduate assignments
Although graduate internships almost always take place in the Netherlands, based at the Boskalis campus in Papendrecht, you may be deeply involved in international projects. We have an extensive network of branches around the world and operate in 90 countries, across six continents. Graduate assignments are carried out within Central Business Support, the Dredging or Offshore Energy division.

Infrastructure graduate assignments
If you’re interested in the infrastructure projects we execute in the Netherlands, we also offer opportunities for associate degree (mbo)  Applied Sciences (hbo) or Academic (wo) Civil Engineering students specialized in Building- and Construction Engineering.

You can find all our current graduate assigmenets in our vacancy overview. Please apply via this site, so we can process it quickly. Isn’t your dream assignment listed at the moment? Create a job alert and receive a notification when a relevant opportunity is posted.

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