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Working at Boskalis means working for a leading global dredging and marine expert. We offer the widest range of expert dredging, offshore transport and installation solutions, and maritime services, including towage and salvage, in our industry. However, you will not only come across us abroad but closer to home as well. In the Netherlands we are involved in the construction and maintenance of ports, land reclamation, coastal defense and riverbank protection and the construction of complex civil infrastructural works.


Boskalis has been renowned for its dredging activities for decades. Colleagues are involved in the construction and maintenance of ports and waterways, land reclamation, coastal and riverbank protection, excavation of natural resources and other specialties.
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Inland Infra

Inland infra activities such as preparing and executing large-scale civil engineering works through dry earthmoving are carried out by Boskalis Nederland colleagues, who are also involved in activities such as soil improvement and remediation.
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Offshore Energy

Boskalis’ offshore activities have expanded rapidly over the past years. The colleagues at the Offshore Energy division provide support to oil and gas companies and providers of sustainable energy types, such as wind energy.
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Our harbor towage regional partnerships assist incoming and outgoing oceangoing vessels in ports around the world. Through Smit Lamnalco (50% Boskalis interest) we also provide services to onshore and offshore terminals.
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The colleagues of SMIT Salvage provide services in the areas of salvage and wreck clearance. They provide assistance to ships in distress around the clock, anywhere in the world.
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Boskalis Environmental specializes in large-scale cleaning of soil and dredging spoils as well as complex soil and waterbed remediation around the world.
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