In September 2024 Boskalis welcomes a new group of Trainees. We only have a limited number of spots available. Are you able to secure yours? To show us that you’ve got what it takes to join the Boskalis Operations Traineeship, we will invite you for Expedition Boskalis. During this expedition we dare you to undertake a special assignment. But… Expedition Boskalis is only for those with the right skills and determination to make it to the final round. Will we see you on April 24 and 25?


Meet Sief, a Boskalis Trainee who is carving his path in the operational dredging track. Every day is an adventure for him as he navigates through the challenges and excitement of his role. 

“Boskalis only has special Dredging projects. The one I was on was in Western Australia. Working in the midst of kangaroos hopping around, laying a pipeline, was a unique experience basically.”


Boskalis offers a technical operations traineeship and a finance traineeship. In 2024 Traineeships will start in September.

In order to be eligible to apply for the Boskalis Traineeship September 2024: You need to graduate before the starting date of your Traineeship; In general, trainees have up to two years of working experience; For a complete overview of criteria, please check our Traineeship page.

If you are going to be starting with us as a trainee, we will gladly look at the possibilities for bridging any intervening period.

You have two choices: you can opt for a career in the Netherlands or you can embark on an international career. If you choose for an international career, you have to be willing to travel. You will spend one or two five-month periods abroad and will work in the Netherlands for the remaining time. The traineeship program consists of three six-month periods, including assignments and learning blocks. If you prefer a career within the Netherlands, you should go for the Boskalis Nederland Traineeshi...

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There are two types of traineeships: Boskalis Nederland Traineeship and Boskalis International Traineeship. If you opt for the latter one, it isn’t necessary to speak Dutch.

There are lots of opportunities for personal development during the traineeship. For example: on and off the job coaching by your mentor, a dedicated business coach and an external coach. There are internal- and external training sessions to give you and your fellow trainees more information to be able to discover what motivates you and to specify your development goals. Examples of courses are: Insights Discovery, Time Management, Finance for non-Financials, safety courses, specific dredging,...

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We are more than happy to answer your questions about the Boskalis Traineeship. Please contact Lisa van Dijkhorst, Campus Recruiter by calling or sending a WhatsApp to the Traineeship telephone at +31651869377.  

Check also this page about the Boskalis Traineeship.