Dilek Bayhan

What inspires me to work at Boskalis?

Dilek Bayhan (33 years old) is part of the Boskalis’ international SHE-Q Pool. She knows the tricks of the trade to take project quality to a next level. But there’s one secret that she’d like to share with everyone: “Keep on smiling, and surround yourself with happy people.”

As a part of the SHE-Q Pool, Dilek is involved in multiple international projects, each time with a slightly different quality-oriented role. “Which is great, because I love travelling and learning new things”, she smiles. “After two quality management positions in Oman and Bahrein, I was assigned as a quality engineer to the Harbor City Reclamation project in Pasay (Philippines).”

Dilek describes her role as ‘being in the middle of everything’. She has to stay aware of all the internal and external project requirements and expectations, and ensure they’re all complied with. Dilek: “As a quality professional, you should look to improve company processes, services and company quality culture to pursue operational excellence and a satisfied client. Being open to learning and sharing knowledge are important parts of the job. I really like the role of ambassador of the company's quality culture and taking part in the ongoing communication with colleagues, clients and other stakeholders. Making a difference together and tackling challenges really drives me.”

Happiness as a priority

In her spare time, Dilek loves to read and learn about the psychology of human behavior and the way people interact and communicate. She explains: “Understanding how people work is an important part of my job. I like to be surrounded by happy people, because happy people are more motivated and productive. But that’s not even the most important part of it. Being happy and satisfied with what you’re doing simply makes life better. I believe you should treat people the way you want to be treated. A smile or a thank you can make such a big difference. My colleagues say they like my energy, that keeps me motivated.”

Dutch directness

Dilek must admit that - underneath that smile - she did have to get used to the Boskalis culture. “I’m originally from Turkey, where things are much more formal and hierarchical. It took some time for me to open myself up and be more ‘direct’. It’s all positive though, I feel that I’m really being heard here. I’m encouraged to speak up and share my ideas.”

The next few years, Dilek wants to empower herself and climb higher. “I like what I am doing”, she says, “but I want to embrace more knowledge to become even more competent. I’m inspired by Boskalis’ creative and future-oriented vision and am proud to be part of this journey. Whatever my future brings, one thing is certain: my priority will always be to help others and improve their lives.”

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