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Job description

Are you a WO Offshore Engineering or Marine Technology MSc student, looking for a challenging graduate assignment within the Offshore industry? Are you available for a 9-12 month internship in 2019? Then the Boskalis Subsea Cables & Flexibles team is looking for you!  

Boskalis Subsea Cables & Flexibles, a subsidiary of Boskalis, specializes in subsea power cable installation for offshore wind farms, Balance of Plant maintenance for the renewables market, and umbilical/flowline installation for the oil & gas markets and installation of interconnectors. These submarine power cables will be installed using advanced Cable Lay Vessels (CLVs). Weather conditions limits have to be calculated for the cable installation, since the cables are a very delicate product. Previous in-house thesis assignment proved a strong relation for normal cable lay, indicated in the figure, between the vessels chute velocity and cable axial compression, which is one of the failure modes. 

Multiple boundary conditions determine the feasibility of submarine power cables installation. The purpose of this thesis assignment is to investigate on the relation between motion behavior of vessel and lifting arrangement versus cable integrity during complex operations. The ultimate goal would be stating operational limitations based on vessel motions only. With this, the industry might have a useful alternative for the currently used ‘Hs-Tp-Dir’ limits, which always cause inaccuracies and discussion. This methodology of thinking is strongly supported by the DNV joint industry project on submarine cable and pipeline installation. Besides a theoretical study, supported by Dynamic Analyses, a practical implementation of motion limitation onboard Boskalis cable lay vessels is part of the assignment. Obviously, this is a unique opportunity to learn both the technical and practical part of the offshore industry.

Job requirements

Graduating for Boskalis Subsea is more than just having an interesting job. It's about joining a highly skilled team of ambitious professionals. It's about thriving in a challenging and stimulating work environment in a results-driven culture. It's also about joining Europe's market leader in subsea cabling and becoming part of the Boskalis family.

You are/have:

  • a WO MSc student in the direction Offshore Engineering or Marine Technology;
  • available in 2019 for a 9-12 month graduate internship;
  • a strong interest in hydronamic calculations and usage of the advanced modelling software such as Orcaflex, Ansys AQWA and the programming language Python;
  • a motivated and enthusiastic person who is eager to develop his/her skills;
  • a strong knowledge of the English language, both written and spoken;
  • a good analytical thinker who is creative, proactive and likes teamwork. 

Employment conditions

As an intern, you can expect your hours to be compensated in cash. When demonstrable no longer in the possession of an OV-student travel product, travel costs will be reimbursed on a commuter traffic base. The added value of a graduate internship at Boskalis, however, is particularly in elements like:

  • a great deal of responsibility;
  • a  professional, yet informal working atmosphere;
  • colleagues proud of one’s work, the leading projects and Boskalis in general. 


Additional information

The head office of Boskalis is situated in Papendrecht, the Netherlands. This will be your station. Please, note that the interviews will take place in week 51, before the Christmas holidays.  

Disclaimer for recruitment and selection agencies

We don’t accept any unsolicited applications or CVs from recruitment and selection agencies. In general we don’t appreciate acquisition and this also applies to Boskalis colleagues or associated Boskalis companies.

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