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Practical Internship Hydraulic Engineering – Settling Basin Tool

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  • Dredging
  • Student
  • Engineering
  • Papendrecht

How you can make your mark

Reclamation projects are often accompanied by settling basins, also called silt ponds. Water-sediment mixtures are pumped by the dredger into the reclamation area, where coarse and part of the fine sediment settle. The remaining fines then usually flow with the process water into a settling basin. These basins are intended to retain fine suspended sediments as much as possible before process water is discharged back into the natural system. The ultimate aim is to minimize the impact of the reclamation activities on the surrounding environments.

Boskalis is involved in the tendering and execution of numerous port expansion and land reclamation projects, where the handling and controlling of fine sediment is of great importance for the continuation of the project. Examples of tenders and projects in which the settling basin tool has recently been applied are a.o. in Indonesia, Qatar and Thailand.

The efficiency of settling basins depends on many variables and processes, like the dimensions of the basin, the particle size distribution and flocculation. Boskalis uses an in-house developed tool for the design and efficiency assessment of settling basins. Originally set up in Excel, this tool has recently been programmed and further developed in Matlab and already it has been used in many Boskalis projects and tenders. Currently, the Matlab code of this tool requires further optimization. That’s where you come in.

Your responsibilities as an intern, working on the settling basin tool:

  • Literature study on settling basins and their governing processes.
  • Optimize the existing Matlab code of the tool.
  • Expand the functionalities of the tool, a.o. handling of multiple sediment fractions and flocculation.
  • Explore options for alternative tools either or not in combination with numerical models.

Your qualities

You can make your mark as an intern if you are/have:

  • A MSc student in Civil Engineering, Hydraulic Engineering.
  • Enrolled for an Academic University Program within the Netherlands, throughout the duration of your internship.
  • Available per December/January for a period of up to 4 months.
  • Affinity with the dredging and land reclamation industry.
  • A thorough understanding of hydrodynamics and fine sediment dynamics.
  • A skilled and enthusiastic Matlab (preferably) or Python programmer.

About Boskalis

Working at Boskalis is about creating new horizons and sustainable solutions. In a world where population growth, increase of global trade, demand for (new) energy and climate change are driving forces, we challenge you to make your mark in finding innovative and relevant solutions for complex infrastructural and marine projects.

Within a vibrant company culture you will be working as part of a diverse, international team of experts. We offer you the opportunity to realize your full personal potential and expand your professional career by creating new horizons. Together.

What you can expect

  • Money and more: Besides internship compensation you will get a great deal of responsibility.
  • Warm welcome: We warmly welcome our new colleagues, so they feel at home as soon as possible. During your (online) onboarding program, we give you all the ins and outs about Boskalis!
  • Career opportunities: Because we work in a dynamic environment we challenge you every day to get better. Together we will realize your full personal and professional career by creating development opportunities.
  • Young Boskalis: This is a platform created for and by the Young Boskalis generation. The Young Boskalis Board focus is to represent young employees and look after their integration into the Boskalis family across the various divisions. Every year Young Boskalis organizes various activities, ranging from an online Pub Quiz and a virtual vessel visit, to sport sessions like Yoga and Bootcamp.

Extra information

  • Your team: You will join Hydronamic, which is Boskalis’ in-house engineering department, part of the Boskalis Dredging and Inland Infra division but servicing the entire Boskalis group. The morphology and marine environment team consist of a group of about 18 young professionals with various backgrounds but mostly in engineering.
  • Cooperation: Due to the nature of the study it is expected that this study will be conducted in cooperation with users of the settling tool.
  • Where you will work: Due to Covid-19 the rule “working from home unless” is the norm. This means you will carry out your work from home, collaborating via Microsoft Teams. Eventually, depending on the circumstances, you might be able to work from our campus in Papendrecht.
  • Fulltime/part time job: The function of internship student is fulltime (40 hours a week).
  • Procedure: All you need to do to apply for a job is to complete the online application form and send it to us along with your CV and cover letter. As soon as you have sent your application, you will receive a confirmation email. Depending on the job, we will invite you for two or more interviews via Microsoft Teams. If both sides are happy to proceed after interviews, we will make you an offer to join Boskalis. After successfully completing all the steps in the procedure, we warmly welcome you to our organization.

Want to know more?

We are more than happy to answer your questions about the position of intern within the Boskalis Hydronamic Engineering Department. Please, get in touch with the responsible recruiter.

Interested? Please apply by filling in your details and by uploading your cover letter and CV on our careers site, before the 29th of November 2020.

Disclaimer for recruitment and selection agencies

We don’t accept any unsolicited applications or CVs from recruitment and selection agencies. In general we don’t appreciate acquisition and this also applies to Boskalis colleagues or associated Boskalis companies.

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