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Job description

Are you looking for a wide-ranging and independent job in SHE-Q and are you ready to take the second or third step in your career and move into a management role? Do you have a proven track record in the successful implementation and further development of a quality system? Then you are the person we are looking for to take on the job of SHE-Q Manager.    

You will be working as a SHE-Q Manager for Subsea Services. The activities of Subsea Services are focused on carrying out underwater work, including construction work, inspection, repairs and maintenance for oil and gas import/export facilities, offshore rigs, pipelines, cables and offshore wind farms. The work is performed using air diving and saturation diving as well as Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs). Working for Subsea Services means working in an environment that is both unique and challenging, but underwater work also involves risks. It goes without saying that we want to minimize these risks and aim for a work environment that is free of incident and accident. As a SHE-Q Manager you will play a key role in identifying and mitigating risks.  

As a seasoned SHE-Q professional you don’t need us to tell you how crucial it is that we comply with the quality standards for the industry (IMCA/ IOGP). You will see to it that we do. A demanding job, because as well as initiating and implementing policy and procedures you will be the one responsible for ensuring that work on the projects is actually performed in accordance with the new guidelines. Changes in behavior tend not to happen overnight. As a SHE-Q Manager you will need a great deal of creativity, empathy and perseverance to get everyone on board and keep them there. And it is not just on the projects that improvements need to be implemented; there are also challenges at corporate level with regard to optimization, integration and embedding of policy and processes. As a SHE-Q Manager you will be responsible for supporting this process, whilst never losing sight of the interests of the business. The leading management system used in performing the work is WoW ‘Way of Working’ and you are going to take this system to the next level so that it can really start creating added value.  

The great thing about the job of SHE-Q Manager is that you will not just be managing the SHE-Q team of SHE-Q engineers and offshore safety officers, but will also have an advisory role at all stages of a project (from tender to sales and from preparation to execution). As well as using your knowledge and experience to keep the Subsea Services management team focused, you will be a popular visitor to clients who you can show that we really do what Boskalis stands for: creating an incident and accident-free work environment.

Job requirements

To be a successful SHE-Q Manager you will need the required knowledge and experience. 

  • You have at least five years of experience as a SHE-Q engineer, preferably in the oil and gas industry, and you want to move into a management role. 
  • You hold a bachelor’s degree in integrated safety or similar, such as an advanced safety diploma/NEBOSH. We would also like to talk to you if you hold a bachelor’s degree in a maritime and/or technical subject with additional safety courses.  
  • You have excellent communicative skills and are a fully-fledged discussion partner for the business. You know how to motivate and convince other people, and your vision of SHE-Q keeps them on their toes.
  • You have affinity with English legislation. 
  • You see it as a challenge to be involved with people, projects and processes and know that it is not always easy to streamline all aspects. Where others would throw in the towel, you keep going! Keeping quality and safely firmly in view at all times.  
  • The following characteristics apply to you: structured, pragmatic and result-focused. You are also extremely well suited to a complex and dynamic work environment. 
  • And, last but not least: you have fluent written and spoken English.

Additional information

The job of SHE-Q manager is a full-time job (40 hours).  

Disclaimer for recruitment and selection agencies

We don’t accept any unsolicited applications or CVs from recruitment and selection agencies. In general we don’t appreciate acquisition and this also applies to Boskalis colleagues or associated Boskalis companies.

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