What inspires me to work at Boskalis?

Abigail Hastie joined Boskalis Subsea Services Aberdeen as a Quality Advisor, then retrained, and became Global Competence and Training Advisor in just 21 months. She now works in a small team that monitors the training and competence requirements for onshore and offshore personnel around the world. “I’m incredibly happy to have had this opportunity to move within the company,” she enthuses. “Boskalis really gives people the feeling that they’re recognized.” 

Continuously monitor 

“Together with my manager, Natalie, we cover more than 1,400 people including staff and day rate personnel. We continuously monitor a matrix of official training and competence requirements for every position across the globe.  Ahead of each mobilization – for example, before a DSV (diving support vessel) leaves port – we also check that all our own, third-party and client personnel, from divers to offshore construction managers, meet the Boskalis Subsea Services requirements. These align with the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) guidelines and the Diving at Work (DAW) Regulations.”  

Internal mobility 

From the Aberdeen area, Abigail, 36, has worked in several companies, with ten years as an inspection coordinator and quality advisor at an oil and gas multinational. She joined Boskalis Subsea Services in January 2020 as a day rate (daily paid) Quality Advisor in the Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality (SHEQ) Department.  

“It was an exciting concept to join a company that I knew was growing quite rapidly. Even as a day rate worker, I felt very much part of the team,” Abigail commented. When an internal vacancy arose, in which quality assurance expertise would be an asset, she spoke with her managers. She got the go-ahead for extra training in areas such as assessment and verification of competencies and was then offered a staff position in September of last year.  

Management support 

“I had a lot of support from management, from Lynn in HR, even from our Managing Director, Stuart. It’s quite unique, not something I've experienced elsewhere. It was great to have a team of people who were actively trying to make this work for me. We are all passionate about competence and training. We’re in a safety-critical business. That drives me to give 200%. I want to make sure that all our clients see Boskalis as the best.”  

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