Marit Verhoeven

Marit Verhoeven

What inspires me to work at Boskalis?

Who thinks being a finance trainee means sitting behind a desk all day, has to keep on reading. Marit Verhoeven (23 years old) is taking on the challenge as an international finance trainee. “It’s essential to get to know the operational side of our projects to be able to translate business into numbers.” 

Marit was actually planning to go traveling after finishing her degree in finance & control. “Then Boskalis ruined my plans”, she laughs. “They promoted the traineeship at our school and I was hooked straight away. Boskalis offered me a job as a project accountant to bridge the one year gap between my graduation and the start of my traineeship.” 

Middle East 

“My first projects as a trainee brought me to the Middle East. The first project visit was particularly special, as it included large-scale dredging. It was amazing to see the innovative machines such as a cutter suction dredger. Besides learning about the execution, I helped to improve the overall project administration.” 

Marit then moved to a land reclamation project, where she learned a lot from the project controller and assisted with keeping the quarterly figures up to date. Just as during her first project, she made the most of her time by visiting the project site and vessels every chance she got. “That really is one of the benefits of being a trainee”, she smiles. “It gives me a sense of pride to walk around project sites and see what we achieved as a Dutch rooted dredging and marine company.” 

Biggest Boskalis project ever 

At the time of writing, Marit is about to board a plane to Manila for her third trainee assignment on Boskalis’ largest project in its history. “This project, creating new land for Manila’s future international airport, is immensely complex”, she explains. “It includes many Boskalis business units and I’ll be taking on the role of project controller for Boskalis Nederland, focusing on the dry earthmoving scope. I’m very excited about learning a lot on this impressive project.” 

“I’m very proud to work at Boskalis and to share these experiences with my colleagues and other trainees”, Marit concludes. “We’re one big team and are all here to support each other. My future at Boskalis? I’m really enjoying project control at the moment, but who knows what the next few years will bring. The most important things for me are enjoying my job and excelling at what I do.”  

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