Christian Wain

What inspires me to work at Boskalis?

Senior project engineer Christian Wain (44) recently joined Boskalis’ Subsea Cables business unit. He sees a bright future as the global energy demand is ever increasing, whilst the energy transition is taking shape in various parts of the world. “There are many decades of global progress to be made and enjoyed.”

Englishman and car enthusiast Christian Wain has a long professional background in subsea umbilicals, cables and heavy equipment. His first work experience as a hydraulics engineer lead him to the paper industry, followed by onshore and offshore positions in the oil and gas sector. He then played a major role in constructing one of Britain’s leading subsea cable manufacturing facilities and continued gaining experience in cable production and transportation. “I got to know many people from Boskalis along the road”, he explains. “It was their way of working that convinced me to apply at Boskalis for my next career step in international cable projects.”

Ocean Wind
Christian is currently involved in Ocean Wind, a huge wind park project off the coast of New Jersey in the US. He’s responsible for planning and engineering an onshore spooling site in the US to store export cables, ready to be used out at sea. So far, he saw the first of four so-called ‘carousels’ being built and can’t emphasize enough how much engineering, planning and communication has gone into it. “The minute we see cable spooling into these carousels will be one of the greatest achievements of my career to date.”

“This is the most highly educated and experienced team I ever worked with”

As a senior project engineer, it’s up to Christian to translate contractual information to a package with everything the works manager and technical superintendent need to start the on-site operation. There’s a lot of defining and engineering involved as well as making technical drawings and instructions. There’s also a lot of planning, calculating and budgeting. “My daily challenges vary from engineering a complex piece of equipment to guiding the on-site team with a certain installation. Combined with the amount of international traveling I get to do, this diverse job ticks all the boxes for me.”

All on the same page
According to Christian, his colleagues are the most highly educated, motivated and experienced people he ever worked with. “I’m still amazed by how supportive and focused everyone is”, he smiles. “It’s largely because of them that I know I’ll be able to thrive here at Boskalis for many years to come. For now, I want to see the Ocean Wind project through to completion and continue to engineer, plan and mobilize such equipment worldwide. I might even want to move on to a management position further down the line. Even during my short time here, I have learned that anything is possible careerwise, as long as you’re motivated to make it happen.”

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