Adarsha Kadaba Srinivasan

What inspires me to work at Boskalis?

Every wind turbine you see is connected to a hidden network of subsea cables beneath the waves. Project engineer Adarsha Kadaba Srinivasan (31 years old) and his team ensure those cables are properly installed to keep them operational for decades. “I’m very fortunate to contribute to the rise of renewable energy with my job at Boskalis.” 

Adarsha’s friend kept telling stories about his job at Boskalis. “He got me interested in offshore wind installation and a career in renewables”, Adarsha says. After finishing his master’s in structural engineering at TU Delft, he was still curious about Boskalis’ offshore work. “Enrolling in the Boskalis traineeship program was the ideal next step to get to know different parts of the organization and gain my first experience in offshore energy, which was entirely different to my academic background. Two years later, I’m busy preparing for my third big renewable energy project in the USA.” 

Versatile role 

The Subsea Cable department is responsible for connecting wind turbines within wind parks and to the main power grid on land. Adarsha: “We have a fleet of special cable laying vessels, barges and tools that we use to safely install the cables on the seabed. The general methods of each operation are already outlined in the tender phase, but it’s up to us as project engineers to decide exactly how to do it; the devil is in the details. Apart from keeping contact with several (engineering) disciplines and preparing our procedures, we also deal with setting up the sites or vessels. This includes bringing in the necessary tools and machines. It's a responsible task, as we handle extremely valuable equipment. Luckily my colleagues are very supportive and we learn a lot from each other’s experiences at previous projects.” 

That special moment 

Adarsha is mostly involved in the ‘nearshore’ part of the projects, where subsea cables emerge to be connected to land cables. Preparing for such a project generally takes much longer than the actual execution. Adarsha: “We’re all building up to the moment the vessel arrives. If we’ve done our job right, the whole operation will run smoothly. That’s what I love about this work, being part of the whole process and living up to that special moment. It’s very satisfying to see all the puzzle pieces coming together.” 

Global potential 

Where Europe is already in full swing when it comes to offshore wind energy, Adarsha sees a lot of potential in other parts of the world, like Asia and the Americas. “Countries in those regions are at the early stage of their transition to renewable energy, which is very exciting”, he smiles. “It’s my dream to someday represent Boskalis in my home country, India. Pioneering in renewables while working abroad for the Dutch market leader, what else could I wish for?” 

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